Frequently Asked Questions

What is the usual rate charged for a wedding, party, or corporate event? 
Flat Five bases the cost performance on a number of unique variables and situations. The typical charge is between $500 & $2000 per engagement. There are circumstances in which that range can differ. If you would like a definite price, please fill out our Request a Quote form and we will respond promptly. 


Do you take requests? 
We are open to learning songs if requested a reasonable amount of time prior to the event. New songs do require rehearsal time so they can be performed at the same professional quality as the rest of our song list. Please feel free to note any requested song when you Request a Quote. 


What requirements does the group have the day of a performance? 
Flat Five's goal is to keep things headache free the day of your event. The last thing we want to do is put anything else on your plate. The only requirements Flat Five has for a performance are as follows; 

  • Close, easy access to electrical outlets.
  • A flat, solid surface to set up on. The group will not set up grass, gravel, sand, etc... We do require a solid surface such as cement, wood, brick, etc... 
  • A reasonable amount of space for five musicians to set up in. 
  • Protection from weather. 


If you have any questions regarding our performance requirements, fill out our Contact Form. 


Flat Five will provide all necessary sound equipment for our performance. This may not include microphones (depending on the size of the venue). Therefore, if you need a microphone for toasts, announcements, etc... please include that information when you Request a Quote.