Reflections on the Encore Lounge

Greetings all!

My, it’s been a moment since we have updated this page! We have had quite a number of positive things transpire for the band. As many of you already know, our most exciting news is certainly our new residency at the Holiday Inn, Downtown Lynchburg. Every Thursday, we have the pleasure of taking the stage at the Encore Lounge, a wonderful space for relaxation, delicious food, tasty libations, and fantastic social interactions.

I’ll be honest, when the idea originally came forth, I was skeptical. An every week gig in Lynchburg, in the past, has worked for a weeks. After that, the excitement of something new fizzles and we’re left playing to small or non-existent crowds. We have been fortunate, however, that since our inception at the end of December, attendance has only grown. We’ve gone from a few tables seated to standing room only (and reservations recommended). It is truly heartwarming to see people want to come to a space that you have helped cultivate. Our audiences have been engaged, enthusiastic, and as loyal as can be.

My favorite part of the weekly experience, though, is that everyone is actively engaged with the music the entire time. Being rather familiar with the local music scene in Lynchburg, it has been my understanding that while many people enjoy the music your band is playing, it typically takes a backseat to personal conversation, a sporting event on the television, or a menagerie of countless other distractions. My observations at The Encore Lounge, however, have been quite the opposite. I see people actively watching, engaging in, and enjoying what they are hearing. Personal conversations are held until our mid-show break, at which point everyone freshens their drink, and takes the opportunity to speak the members of the band (which we love! Please come talk to us before/in between/after the show).

After having a few weeks off for break/other commitments, I find myself missing my weekly engagement with new friends, the wonderful food, and the calming atmosphere. The members of the band truly look forward to seeing you there each and every week. Providing the sonorous background for your evening is our absolute pleasure. Hope to see you this Thursday, next Thursday, and all of those yet to come.

Yours in jazz,


Kenneth Brand