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Flat Five Jazz is a modern jazz combo based out of Lynchburg, Virginia. A menagerie of backgrounds and influences create a unique, yet beautiful soundscape that is both pleasing and engaging. Consider Flat Five for your next wedding, corporate event, private party, or booking at your venue.

Classical Revolution, February 25th 2018

Greetings from the jazz realm.

Flat Five had the honor of being included in Lynchburg's first Classical Revolution. Classical music meets the juxtaposition of an "unconventional" venue. In this case, those in attendance found themselves enjoying a variety of chamber ensembles, including a soprano sax/cello duet, a strings trio, and a saxophone quartet.

As I stood there enjoying the beautiful sounds filling the downtown speakeasy, my brain did not quite know what to make of it. Having been through two different collegiate music programs, it was ingrained in me that during a performance of anything "classical", you sit quietly, giving the performance your undivided attention. However, in the context of the a restaurant/bar, that rule did not hold true. But, after scanning the room and seeing the level of attention the normal patrons of the establishment gave the music, I realized something. That was exactly why were there that evening. People who would never set foot in a recital hall, probably ever, were giving some if not all of their attention to an art form they may have never had an interest in. It was relieving to say the least.

Flat Five took the stage around 5 minutes after 9. From our warm up jam to the final note of Josh's wonderful arrangement of the standard Caravan, I felt connected to every musician in that room. I fed off the creative energy of each person on stage and in the audience alike. All the rehearsals had payed off. The chance to finally present our music and our sound to a public audience ties everything together.

Flat Five got its start as a happenstance combo playing the reception of a small wedding. From our first rehearsal on the stage at Sydnor Performance Hall, it was clear a strong chemistry was present between us all. With just a few select performances, the vision of the group has always been to play the jazz we have always wanted to play as individuals. Charts and originals deemed inappropriate for other gigs and other groups. I feel as though no idea for a new chart has been denied. Everything is given a fair chance. Part of that, though, is the combined knowledge of each member of the group. I feel truly humbled by each member of that group and consider myself lucky to create with them on a regular basis.

Be sure to make time for the next Classical Revolution. You may be surprised. Keep your ears open for Flat Five's next public performance. We would love to share this with you.

Try and find the time to experience something new. You may be surprised.

Take care, 


Lynchburg Wedding Week

Greetings all, 

I hope this post finds you all in good spirits. After a busy week, we have finally had a chance to reflect on this past weekends performance at Sorella Farms. The venue, a rustic barn, was shipped to Evington in the early 1800's. Each plank inside numbered uniquely so reconstruction would be less of a hassle. The trusses and supports, strung with white Christmas lights, added an intimate ambiance to the room. The east wall, covered in mirrors, offered a spot for reflection, bot figurative and literal. Situated next to the band were a handful of antique chairs. Though old, they provided comfort to those enjoying what was aptly dubbed the "Flat Five Lounge". They provided the band a moment to relax in between sets, as well.

The performance, in conjunction with A Little Party Events, anchored Lynchburg Wedding Week's County Crawl. The event provided brides an opportunity to experience vendors and venues to aid in planning for their special day. The weather may have been cold, but thanks to our combined efforts, including {RA} Bistro Catering  & Nomad Coffee, we were able to keep everyone warm (at least in spirit). They provided exceptional fare and libations, and graciously shared with the gentlemen in the band.

Be sure to keep checking in with Flat Five for our next public engagement. We are currently booking our spring and summer calendar. If you know of a venue that would be a good for Flat Five, let them know. Tell whomever handles their live music that you want to see Flat Five Jazz in their establishment. We hope to perform for you soon.

For now, that is all. Keep your eyes on the Flat Five website or Facebook page for news updates, engagements, and of course, great jazz. 


Thanks for taking the time.

K. B.